Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Waddoups

We really are such terrible bloggers. Thank you to those who follow our weak attempt at blogging!
I thought I'd quickly share our good news :) For those of you who haven't heard, we are expecting! I am twelve weeks along and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with morning (all day) sickness. Food is becoming friendly again, now I just need to watch the amount of intake. We've heard the heartbeat twice now, amazing. It's just funny to me they let you hear it for about three seconds and then turn it off. I think it is a game with ob/gyns. We can pay a small amount to find out our baby's gender at 16 weeks and I really think it's worth it, but we'll see. Derek is hoping for a boy and I am hoping for either, but would love a darling little girl to dress :) We'll see.
Hope all is well with everyone. We are approaching the crazy spring season with baseball, but hope to remain in touch with friends and family. Love you all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mr and Mrs Captain Underpants made an appearance this Halloween only to be ridiculed by their friend Zac about never posting on their blog. I guess we are here out of guilt but at least you get to see our amazing pumpkins! The question is... Which one did Carly carve and which one did Derek carve? Post your guess, the winner will win the satisfaction of being right.

A quick update, since we have so many avid followers to our blog :) Fall ball is over this week, leaving Derek with extra time to finally clean up his man room in the basement filled with childhood and high school paraphanelia from mom and dad Waddoups. Derek had to finally grow up and move out of the basement in Roy.

School for me is still high in gear with 200 students waiting to show me their bright smiling faces each day. Middle schoolers are crazy with hormones bouncing all over the place, but cute. I am still crazy with homework and business from working on my Masters, but knowing the end is in sight.

All in all, life is good.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So in an attempt to save our marriage Carly decided we needed to buy a couch to watch movies (baseball tonight) on instead of the love seat that was too uncomfortable for the two of us when trying to cuddle. Yes, we are still newly weds. I completely agreed after spending a miserable day at home sick and had no place to comfortably give myself self pitty infront of a TV. Anyway, we now have a new couch and chair and a half in our front room.
The next week, knowing we won't be DINK's (double income no kids) for much longer we decided to invest in Carly's sanity and our childrens future and went out to buy a piano. What a life. Now I get to listen to Carly's beautiful talent and she has somewhere to pound out the frustrations of life. We are enjoying the blessings that life and hard work bring our way.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our new house!

Just enjoying life being homeowners in the beautiful Daybreak community in South Jordan! Thanks to all who helped us move in! (Erik, JC, and Sarah!) We've already had a number of friends and family visit, love it. We hope to have many more.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

If she only knew... Life as a baseball wife!

Back in November when we decided to get married the decision was wether we should get married before or after the baseball season... I am ever grateful that we chose January and before the baseball season! It has been fun watching Carly at the ball games and seeing her realize why people warned her about being a baseball wife ;-)
We have been enjoying our honeymoon season as Carly has been to more baseball in two months of marriage than the previous 23 years as a lonely single woman. She is no longer lonely as she has such a wonderful husband to spend time with! Carly has flown to Vegas, driven to Price and also to Vegas, and is planning another road trip to Southern Idaho next weekend all for the love of the game. The winter boots have come in handy on several occasions keeping her warm at the ballpark.
We really have enjoyed the time we spend together on the road and at home. We have had a bit of a rollercoaster season with some inconsistant performances. I have tried not to let that affect my mood... but at times it has lead to some fun conversations following a long weekend. Carly has been wonderful and we both enjoy a passion for what we do. She is getting to know the baseball players, some of the wonderful families, and many of the individuals that I work with. We are blessed for the goodness of the people we are surrounded with.
All in all... We are happy being married and learning and growing together!

The Ward Choir Experience

It all started during our first sacrament meeting together as a married couple. We were singing the opening hymn and I leaned over to Derek to ask what part he likes to sing. "What's a part?" He said. "I just sing what sounds good to me." Well...
A couple weeks later we were cornered in the lobby on our way out of church. Somehow word got out I was a good piano player and the choir was desperate for my help. The choir director even told Derek if he was tone deaf and a baseball coach, he was still needed in the choir. So we took of our coats and headed to the chapel.
It felt good to play the piano again. But the best part was watching Derek's expressions. He had no idea what to do. I later found out he was singing everything from the soprano line to the piano accompaniment. He thinks the girls in the row ahead of him were talking about it. He was later instructed that he was a bass and finally figured out the bottom two lines were for the piano only. Just in time for the performance he found out when he was supposed to sing, and it was beautiful.